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about me


Illustrating caricature paintings has been an illuminating experience for me to explore various shapes and forms in images. Creating scenic paintings for theatre productions has taught me how to work with a limited color palette. I am constantly learning from the masters whose work is displayed in museums, galleries, and online.

I painted my first dog portrait of our beloved toy poodle, then began working on portraits of my friends’ dogs. The reaction from owners when they see their pets on canvas has been extremely rewarding for me as an artist. I work from photos but my goal is to move past the limitations of photography to create a likeness that brings out the life of our beloved animal friends. All paintings are done in oil on canvas.

Studio Tep is an art studio and craft shop where I collaborate with my daughter Kotta Katsuda.


—— I was born in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California with a BFA in Illustration. I currently live and paint in a suburb of Tokyo. Commissions are open. If interested, please message me for further information.


スタジオ・テプは、娘のKotta Katsudaとのコラボレーションで制作しているスタジオです。



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